NYC – SoHo
180 Ave of the Americas btwn Prince and Spring
New York, NY 10013

"Air pollution is the new tobacco"
– World Health Organization, October 2018

SALT specializes in dry salt therapy. In a climate controlled, semi-private room, you relax and breathe concentrated salt air. This especially helps urbanites detoxify their respiratory system from air pollution as well as having many other benefits.

SALT Therapy – As essential for health and wellness as your workout.

Cleaning your lungs of city air pollutants and toxins means more than just cleaner lungs.
It means you absorb oxygen more efficiently, increase red blood cell production,
and even produce more dopamine – the "happy" hormone.
That's a big benefit to your workout – especially your cardio – and your life.
Better breathing, better performance, better you!

SALT'S therapy has many other benefits including, for many, better sleep, better skin moisture, better pH balance. And SALT’s Himalayan salt skincare products contain over 80 naturally occurring minerals which the body absorbs though the skin, giving you essential minerals a body needs directly from a natural source. Think of it as your new supplement!